As you may have read in our article “Benefits of Having a Hotel Blog,” a blog is a useful tool when marketing your property to travelers. It can be used in conjunction with your other marketing efforts and can help to increase bookings. If you are looking for inspiration for your hotel’s blog, here are a few ideas/topics to get you started:

1. Travel Tips.

Offering insight or travel hacks can benefit your readers. You can even tailor them to benefit those traveling to the location you are located in, building credibility for your brand.

2. Hotel and Local Events.

Blogging about upcoming events at your hotel can increase attendance and also engage potential guests. Writing about local events will also establish your blog as a “go-to” for information about the happenings in your hotel’s city. You can also write posts after the events and include photos and information about similar events coming up.

3. New additions.

Blog posts about the new restaurant opening up on your property or the newly re-done pool area are a good way to engage current and potential guests. Promoting new services and businesses within the property will help to drive revenue and raise awareness of what your property offers.

4. Food/Drinks.

If your hotel’s bar or restaurant plays a major role in the business, a fun blog idea would be to share the recipe of a popular signature drink or dessert. Also, promoting specific options or deals (i.e. Taco Tuesday or Happy Hour) and including photos would be a fun topic that could generate more business for the establishment.

5. Local Area Expertise.

Blog posts about the surrounding area can also be beneficial to travelers. Attractions, historical landmarks, restaurants, shops, you name it… your local expertise is blog content that travelers will be interested in. “The 10 Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami” or “The Top 20 Irish Pubs in Boston” are examples of this type of post which can help to engage travelers online and establish credibility for your hotel.

These topics can be a good start for your hotel blog and can help to inspire new ideas. Considering what makes your property and its location unique can also help to generate ideas for content as can feedback from your readers!

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