The hot temperatures and beautiful beaches of the Caribbean make the various islands a popular vacation destination. Also contributing to the allure are countless hotels with stunning views, pools, restaurants and more. What sets some hotels apart from others in terms of booking rates is their ability to capture and show off these attributes to those choosing where to stay. We’ve chosen five Caribbean hotels with dazzling visuals who we think nailed it when it comes to representing their property.

Bucuti & Tara, Aruba

This adults-only resort located on Eagle Beach in Aruba has a gallery of large, vividly colorful images on its website in addition to videos, virtual tours and even live cameras showing off the property. Pictured below is the property’s Elements Restaurant at sunset.

bucuti & tara - Elements Restaurant sunset

Eden Rock, St. Barths

As soon as you land on Eden Rock’s homepage, you are presented with beautiful views of the property’s beaches, suites, pools and more. Below is one of the rooms shown in its photo gallery.

eden rock - room

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

This resort offers amazing views of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea from its various sanctuaries. These views are beautifully depicted on the resort’s website in addition to views from the infinity pools and individual bathrooms. Shown below is the resort’s Galaxy Sanctuary.

jade mountain - galaxy sanctuary

Four Seasons, Nevis

The large images and videos featured on the Four Seasons website for its Nevis location do an excellent job of portraying this luxurious resort. Featured below is a sun deck on the property’s beach.

four seasons sun deck

Now Larimar, Punta Cana

With various high quality photo and video galleries displaying the gorgeous attributes of this Now Resort, website visitors are able to explore different parts of the property quickly and easily. Below is a shot from one of the resort’s weddings.

now larimar - beach wedding

These hotels show the power of visual content when it comes to promoting your property online. High quality photography and hotel rich media will go a long way to differentiate your hotel and increase bookings. Be sure to check out the photo and video galleries of the properties listed above to see more of their dazzling images and videos!

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