Since it’s launch in 2010, Pinterest has become one of the best social media sites for brands. Pinterest converts users into buyers better than any other social media platform, creates engagement and drives a large amount of traffic to a brand’s website (and hotels love that). With 70 million users on Pinterest today, it’s no wonder why hotels have gravitated towards the pinnable social site. Hotels using Pinterest are able to provide a preview of the guest’s experience  before they step into the lobby.  For an increase of sales, website traffic and brand recognition, we suggest creating these 5 Pinterest boards.

1) Guest Rooms

What kind of visuals do prospective guest want to see the most when booking travel? Guest rooms! It’s important to provide high quality visuals of your guest rooms and suites. Not only are visuals the top 3 features travelers look for when doing initial research but they increase engagement.  Make sure to provide visuals of guest rooms, suites, romantic guest rooms for a couple’s night in or a children’s room perfect for a family weekend away.

2) Amenities

Your property has more to offer than just guest rooms. Flaunt your amenities to prospective guests. Consumers want to know what makes your property better than your competitors, show off your amenities in order to appeal to a variety of travelers. For guests who consider themselves “foodies”, give them a visual taste of your restaurant’s signature dish! For the guest looking to get away from it all provide visuals of your spa services and pool. For the health conscious traveler,  flaunt your gym with state of the art equipment. Your amenities are more important than you think.

3) Nearby Attractions 

Your guests will be interested in activities outside of your property and they’ll look to you for recommendations. Feature your city’s must sees spots, whether it’s a major theme park, a popular sports arena, or historic boardwalk. Highlighting these areas will make the guests’ experience more memorable.

4) Meetings & Events

Providing visuals of meeting rooms, conferences and weddings will keep your hotel booked year round. Show prospective guests your hotel’s versatility and transform your meeting room to the event of their dreams. With events being one of the most popular categories on Pinterest, this makes it easier than ever to expand your audience reach with visuals.

5) Behind the Scenes

I don’t know about you but I love a hotel that promotes their staff and provides followers a behind the scenes look of their property. Do you have interoffice contests? Are you raising funds for a cause?  Want to recognize an employee for excellent customer service?  Hotels that promote their staff show that they value their employees which makes a brand more personable and that’s a hotel guest will flock to.

The best part of Pinterest is the unlimited creative control brands have. As long as your page is personable, fun and has high quality visuals of your property, consumers will come running (and pinning).


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