Sandals are in the top game when it comes to visuals. They’ve got above 20 photos for each of their properties, all of outstanding quality. Featuring a comfortable and easy to navigate media gallery allowing visitors to show or hide the photo caption. They also feature virtual tours for all properties (some with as much as 39 tours!) and professional videos for the majority of them.

Dreams resorts also does a great job when it comes to virtual tours. They have a wide variety of selections for each property; all displayed in interactive media galleries where their photos can also be viewed.


They have a great way of showcasing their HD360’s by framing the media galleries in their property’s’ individual websites. The gallery allows the opportunity to be expanded for those who want to detail the virtual tours up-close and get a glance of every corner of the hotel.


First off, the Westin Key West Hotels landing page does a great job in presenting great visual content in a sleek and clean way. They blend the colors of the photos with the page background beautifully. It almost makes you want to book the hotel right away just by it! In addition to that, their media gallery has categorized photos so you can choose what to see depending on the features you’re most interested in. They display the Westin brand video, and also have an interactive resort map and wide variety of virtual tours.


The great thing about secrets resorts is that they allow guests to easily compare one properties photos to another (as you can see in the image below) thus making it simple for a viewer to choose their favorite properties in less clicks. Once you access the individual hotel, you can choose to see the Live Web Cam, Videos of guest testimonials, events, and/or tours, and their photo albums are categorized by restaurants, weddings and suites & rooms.

Little details like allowing the gallery to expand, add interactive maps and/or live web cams make a difference to the majority of people when it comes to booking. Todays market is asking for great quality visuals that they are able to interact with. The combination of number, type and quality of these allow viewers to trust the brand and connect with it, thus making it more likely for them to book there. If you wish to know statistics on the type of visuals that travelers are looking for when looking-to-book, take a peek at this infographic!

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