Over the past 5 years, Pinterest has evolved from a website where users share, collect and store visuals (What a great idea!) into a platform that businesses and brands can utilize. Pinterest is becoming essential to travel and hospitality brands because it brings their hotel’s visuals to the forefront of consumer screens. Here is why hotels have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon.

  1. Pinterest is all about visual content

Pinterest is an excellent platform for hotels because their main focus is visual content. Pinterest is used for a variety of reasons but one of them is planning a vacation. Show off more than your just your hotel, highlight amenities! When I search for Wyndham hotels on Pinterest, I’m presented with gorgeous properties all over the world, beautiful pools and even local spots steps from the hotel. I now have a comprehensive view of a Wyndham Hotels vacation, and it looks great.

  1. Pinterest provides a direct link back to brand websites

Hotels are looking for various way to get consumers to head straight to their site, let Pinterest lead the way. When a Pinterest user checks out your visuals, you have the option of adding a direct link back to your website. Why do hotel brands love this? It cuts out the middleman, sorry OTAs!

  1. Pinterest promotes the dream stage of travel

Consumers are looking for their next vacation under the dream stag of travel, and they’re looking at social media. A report from Deloitte highlights the importance of social media and ranks social media second to friends and family as source of travel ideas. The dream stage of travel prompts the planning stage and your visuals could be the sole reason why a consumer books at your hotel or looks elsewhere. Get that booking!

  1. Pinterest expands your audience

Pinterest makes it easier than ever to have your audience come to you. Pinterest allows users to find visuals based on interests such as travel, hotels, family vacation and more. Having your visuals tagged on multiple platforms means more consumers are looking at your hotel which means more bookings.

  1. Pinterest increases referral traffic

According to Shopify, users who are referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make purchases on e-commerce sites than users of other social networks, and they tend to spend twice as much as users referred by Facebook. If you’re not using Pinterest, you’re leaving money on the table. Consumers are looking to book and they will search elsewhere if your hotel is not being properly represented on multiple platforms. Providing numerous, high quality, up to date visuals will get consumers attention.

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