After previous articles that examined stunning visuals from hotels in Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, we now look at the Scandinavian countries. These five properties throughout Norway, Sweden and Denmark offer fascinating visuals that are sure to entice travelers from all over the world.

1. Gorvalns Slott, Jarfalla, Sweden

While the photo pictured below is perhaps the most eye-catching on this Swedish castle’s hotel website, their gallery features plenty of compelling images. Somewhat unique from images on other hotel websites, a number of these gallery items are staged for effect. For example, high heels tossed onto the fur rug of a bedroom image, or a partially blurred image to hone in on a particular focal point. This is a photo of the hotel’s “Green Lounge.”

2. Solstrand Hotel & Bad, Osoyro, Norway

This Norwegian hotel offers picturesque views that are sure to be on the mind of any traveler visiting this region. Solstrand’s website features views of and from the different rooms on its property, giving those visiting their site a true picture of exactly what they are getting. Pictured below is the view from Room 440.

3. Lyngen Lodge, Olderdalen, Norway

Speaking of views, to many travelers, a trip to Norway would not be complete without witnessing the Northern Lights. Lyngen Lodge offers a true arctic experience, all featured on their website. Not only do they show large images (like the one below of the Northern Lights from one of the rooms on their property) but they also have numerous videos highlighting summer activities, skiing and more.

4. Hotel D’Angleterre, Copenhagen, Denmark

A portrait of true elegance, this Danish hotel paints a lovely picture of all its property has to offer for those visiting their website. The different photo galleries for their rooms, banquets/meetings, restaurants and spa are all appealing for those looking for a luxury hotel in Copenhagen. Below is a photo from a wedding held at the establishment.

5. Hotel Rival, Stockholm, Sweden

Last but not least, this hotel located in Sweden’s capital features large, bright photos on their website of all aspects of the property. Captivating shots of their different room types, dining, events and entertainment are sure to catch the eye of travelers browsing hotels in Stockholm. This is a photo of the hotel’s Bistro & Cocktail Bar.

These establishments are great examples of hotels with alluring visual content. Large, high quality photos online are the ticket to increased engagement and bookings. Make sure you check out the websites of these different properties when planning your trip to Scandinavia!

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