Social media is no longer a buzzword, it has become a staple in most Brand’s marketing strategies and for good reason. Social media increases brand awareness, improves brand loyalty, and provides a high conversion rate. Social media also allows consumers to learn more about your property . With over a billion registered social media accounts just on Facebook alone, it’s easy to see why it’s necessary to connect with consumers on a social channel.

1) Blogging

A hotel blog is a great way to promote your company culture. It can also provide information about your hotel and your location (highlight great bars, local food spots and nearby attractions). Blogs promote a higher search rating which means more consumers will find your property, once you have their attention keep it with high quality visual content of your hotel. Engagement=Bookings!

2) User Generated Content

User generated content such as photos and reviews allow users to share their hotel stay to the world. Show off your guests and their great experience, you want the world to know that your hotel is the best choice for them. 40% of millennials rely on user-generated content (UGC) to inform their travel plans. Want to target Millennials? Showoff photos of guests enjoying your local restaurant and bars. Want to target couples? Retweet photos of couples enjoying their vacation. The content you share will entice consumers to book at your hotel.


Hashtags allow you to target consumers and increases your visibility on social media. While some consumers may know about your hotel, hashtags allow your hotel to reach consumers with particular interests directly. Are you having a #labordaysale with 15% off your rooms? Is there an event you want to promote at a certain property? Use hashtags to get your hotel in front of consumers.

4) Contests

Consumers love contests, the chance of winning a prize is exciting! Contests allow you to build your brand’s fan base while engaging with your audience. Contests also allow you to collect data of consumers making it easier to personalize your guests’ trip.  Guests love a personalized experience, it makes them more likely to stay loyal to your brand.

5) Customer Service in 140 characters or less

Guests want to have access to customer service throughout the journey of their trip. Unfortunately things go awry sometimes. Social media sites like Twitter has helped hotel brands stay connected with guests and allows them to reach out directly when there is an issue. The best part? Guests are connected to the hotel throughout their stay 24/7. As a brand it’s important to stay connected with your guests and social media provides an easy, up to date way to do so.



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