It’s safe to say that technology has impacted the travel industry. Technology has made it easier for consumers and hoteliers to plan, book and manage travel. This year is already off to a promising start for travel technology, we’re witnessing the evolution of technology that is making travel easier to pay, personalize and book. Here are 5 trends that are are changing the travel industry.
Apple Pay
Apple Pay allows consumers to purchase items by using their mobile phone. Apple Pay has made waves this year within travel with Marriott testing out Apple Pay at 11 of their US hotels and JetBlue becoming the first US airline to introduce Apple Pay as a payment method. If it becomes a success, travelers could leave cash and credit cards in the dust.
Wearables have been trending for years and industry leaders have been waiting for the wearable that would change the game. While Google Glass had potential to catapult as the next big thing, it fell on deaf ears. The highly anticipated Apple Watch has been seen as the beacon of hope for wearables,  multiple hotel and travel brands have already created apps compatible for the Apple Watch coming out next month, including Starwood and Expedia.
Travel apps have changed the way we compare and book travel, especially for last minute travelers. Consumers can take advantage of deals only available through an app and they also make traveling, a normally stressful process, nearly stressfree. With an app that stores your itinerary, alerts you of real time flight status’ and nearby airport amenities, apps make traveling a breeze. 63% of business travelers use a mobile apps to book a hotel, so it’s vital for brands to make the transition to mobile in order to stay relevant.
In order to provide consumers with a comprehensive view of your property and get them from looking to booking, hotels have to provide videos. Consumers want to see a property before they book so hotels need to give them what they want! In Software Advice‘s 2014 study on Using Online Travel Videos to Boost Bookings57% of consumers want to see videos of the rooms, suites and common areas of a property. Hotels that provide snackable content will make prospective guests more confident in their booking choices.
Social Media
Consumers love social media and hotel brands have taken notice. Specifically, Instagram and Twitter have been commandeered by hotel brands and have provided followers with the option to book a hotel through the platforms. Long gone are the days where users only follow, comment or like photos and videos, brands are now capturing consumers in the dreaming phase, skipping the planning stage in order to get consumers one step closer to booking.
Is your brand technologically relevant?

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