Email marketing campaigns are a great way to generate business when executed properly. Unfortunately, tons of companies risk losing subscribers as a result of poor email marketing techniques. The following tips will help you to produce emails with valuable content, retain your subscribers and most importantly, get more business!

1. Send emails in moderation. People are overloaded by emails and are always looking for ways to receive less. If you are inundating your subscriber list with emails, chances are a percentage will eventually get annoyed and unsubscribe. This directly equates to less eyes on your content and less of a chance at generating business via email.

2. Have an enticing reason for emailing. Base your campaign around an exclusive deal for subscribers only. This will show recipients the benefits of being on your list and will be more likely to provoke them to take advantage of the deal.

3. Use this incentive in your subject line. Half the battle with email marketing campaigns is getting recipients to open it. Giving them a good reason (like an exclusive deal) will greatly increase your chances of them actually reading your email and discovering more about content you are promoting.

4. Once you’ve gotten them to open your email, make it easy for them to consume. Keep the message short. People are busy and generally don’t want to read in this day and age. A compelling image and just a few lines or blurbs of text will keep it quick and resonate with your readers. If they are looking for additional information, making your email clickable will help to drive travelers to your website.

5. Don’t forget to make it easy for new people to sign up. Having a signup button on your website will grow your audience and, when practicing the above techniques, should help to create more business for your company.

Aside from directly generating business, email marketing can also help to raise brand awareness. This is why a thoughtful and well-planned campaign can create a positive reputation for your company in the eyes of your target audience.

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