In this day and age the face of brand loyalty has changed, for good reason. We live in a world of choice and consumers want the best deal possible which makes it less appealing to stay brand loyal. By following these tips, you can increase brand loyalty and guest retention.

1. Provide Great Customer Service

Guests will forget details of their experiences but they will never forget how you made them feel. If you have an unhappy customer, provide excellent customer service to salvage their trip and your relationship. Provide exemplary customer service to every guest and they’ll never forget how you went out of the way to make their trip memorable.

2. User Generated Content

Guests enjoy sharing their vacation, as a brand you can share that content to hundreds of thousands of followers. It shows that you value your guests and their experiences; it also promotes the dream stage of travel. Do we hear future bookings?

3. Personalization

Guests expect a lot more from brands today and in order to compete in the market you have to personalize their experiences. Tailor their choices throughout the travel journey. By doing this you’re elevating their trip experience.

4. Target Millennials

This may come as a surprise but Millennials love loyalty programs, who wouldn’t want to be rewarded with cool perks for booking at their favorite hotel. Millennials will outspend boomers in the next 15 years so it’s important to reach this target market early.


Customers want to be a part of an exciting and unique experience that sets you apart from your competitors. Universal Music Group has recently partnered with Marriott International, they plan to host exclusive performances throughout their properties, in addition Marriott reward members will have the chance to attend UMG sponsored events and festivals.

How does your brand loyalty look?


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