Travel and hospitality brands across the world are honing in on the millennial age group because of their significant influence on the travel industry. American Express Travel has recently released some new stats on this demographic that can be useful for travel marketers across the industry.

1. 52.8 percent of millennials plan to travel more frequently. This shows travel companies that it is worth their time and money to target this group of travelers.

2. 92.4 percent of those who have used a travel agent in the past five years reported that it enhanced their experience.

3. 60 percent say they would pay more for a travel agent’s expertise.

4. 76.3 percent say they prefer to stay in a traditional hotel.

5. 46 percent say that enhanced in-room technology is the most appealing hotel trend.

6. 70 percent say they would put in the effort to plan a personalized travel experience rather than buying a pre-packaged trip (although 58.7% say they would choose a package if it were less expensive.) This proves that personalization is important to this demographic, yet price is still a top concern.

7. 25 percent more millennials (than baby boomers) would be willing to let travel companies use data from previous travel purchases to deliver a more personalized experience.

8. 54.9 percent feel it is their responsibility to post reviews for the benefit of other travelers.

Overall, this data allows us to conclude that since millennials are traveling more, it is beneficial for travel brands to market to them. Also important, staying abreast of new technology and offering personalized experiences will help to attract and retain these particular consumers.

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