Today’s hotel booking landscape is as competitive and cut-throat as ever, making it an absolute necessity for hotel marketers to cover all of their bases on the web. One of the most important, if not THE most important factor in consumers booking online is the properties’ visuals. According to Trivago, hotels with high-quality images receive 63% more clicks than those with low-quality photos. These are a few components that make up a “high-quality image” so you can audit your hotel visuals to ensure maximum engagement and bookings:

1. Size

Large images can reduce bounce rates and increase conversions. Promoting your property with larger, high-resolution images can go further in enticing consumers to book and increase the chances that they remember your hotel in the future.

2. Quantity

The more photos of your property, the better. Showcasing as much as possible to potential guests can be the deciding factor between them booking with you or somewhere else. In fact, when there are no photos or the photos are low quality, only 4% of users will even click on the hotel’s profile to learn more (Trivago).

3. Meta-tags

Using meta-data to give context to your images helps people find specific things they are looking for when searching for hotels. For example, someone looking for a honeymoon trip should not be shown images of a property’s kids’ pool. Curating the images with meta-tags ensures they will be visible to relevant potential guests in their personalized search results – in this case, the honeymoon suite or a romantic dinner scene at your property’s restaurant.

4. Category

Categorizing your images appropriately will make them visible to those searching for particular features of the hotel. This also helps in personalizing travel search results.

5. Language

Ideally, your property’s images will be findable and understandable to as many people across the globe as possible. Using a visual content management system (CMS) that allows for multiple languages will extend your reach and can increase bookings.

6. Captions

Image captions should tell a story about the image and pique the travelers’ interests. Rather than captioning and image with “Beach Bar” try something like “Beach Days Oceanfront Bar, serving tropical frozen cocktails.”

7. Format

Using the recommended file types and sizes for each distribution channel is crucial for having your visuals shown at their highest quality.

If your visuals do not meet this criteria, it is important to consider upgrading to increase your probability of gaining bookings online. Much of this is not possible without a CMS that manages and delivers your hotel visuals across the web. While all of these factors contribute to making your property appealing to travelers, high quality visuals also improve your quality score on OTAs (and can increase booking conversion.)

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