Throughout the years companies have looked restlessly for new ways to make an impression on people to get a few seconds of their time, and hopefully interested in what they have to offer. It has been proven multiple times that the best successful way to do this is through great content. Let’s not forget, “Content is King”. It used to be enough to prove yourself as a content expert with knowledgeable insights and interesting facts; of course this was when people LIKED to read. Nowadays it’s more challenging to bring great content to the table if you can’t appeal your audience visually. One might have a flavorful piece of steak in front of them at a restaurant, but if the presentation is no good, they won’t eat it.

This is especially nerve wrecking for the travel industry. They are supposed to present their viewers with purely visual content; otherwise they will not be sold. With thousands of competitors globally, your pictures need to be enticing and eye-catching! It’s never as easy as it sounds though. Viewers are expecting to see recent and updated pictures, and we know it gets pricey to renew pictures within a reasonable time.

If you haven’t yet thought about it, User Generated Content (UGC) might be a solution to providing people with great visual content. UGC is content for the possible travelers, created by the travelers. Viewers also like seeing UGC because it’s more personal and real. There is so much that Instagram filters can do. Viewers know that the pictures they are looking at have not been manipulated by Photoshop. In addition to that, with the rise of Social Media and Mobile phone users, this seems to be the best option to generate and share content as fast and effective as possible. According to BazaarVoice 84% of millennials say user-generated content has at least some influence on what they buy (compared to 70% of Boomers). The main reason why UGC is becoming so popular is that it represents endless amounts of free content, increases exposure and user engagement. In fact, among the top purchases that millennials won’t complete without UGC, hotels represent 39% and travel accommodations 32%. (BazaarVoice)

If you’re looking for ways to create content and engage your guests and viewers, UGC could represent a new way of marketing your company! It creates a social community where everyone feels as if they are part of your property, thus building relationships and nurturing their next stay. Are you ready let your guests generate content for you?

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