We are evolving into an electronic world where bigger is better.  Some smartphones don’t even fit in our pockets anymore. Whenever I go to any electronics store I enter a minimal depression state because there are televisions taller than me (in all seriousness). Desktop screens are getting huge compared to what they used to be! This means a serious call to action for many hoteliers around the world. With screen resolutions getting bigger, the pictures of your property have to get bigger and better as well.

The predominant screen resolution for so many years (1024×768) has been overthrown by ‘higher’ resolution screens since their 19% usage increase from January 2008 – January 2009.

If your hotel relies on pictures that have not been updated since 2009-2010 (pictures that were made to ‘fit’ the 1024×768 resolution) then it is time for you to move onto better and bigger pictures!

The predominant screen resolution that has continue to grow over the last couple of years is 1366×768 according to StatCounter and it is the most popular one currently. The 1366×768 has been growing steadily while the others have seem to decline except for the 1920×1080 resolution which has been increasing in demand slowly.

Hotels need to analyze in which way their pictures are displayed onto these most popular high screen resolutions and figure out if some changes and updates need to be made. If you’ve had pictures of the size of 800×600 for the past 5 years, do something about it, otherwise they are probably displaying like this:

No viewer wants to be squinting to be able to take a clear look at your pictures!

This doesn’t have to a headache for you. At IcePortal we help clients manage and distribute rich visual content, including full screen photos to over 11 million unique visitors a month on 1,000s of travel and local websites around the globe in nine languages. To know more about us visit our social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+; visit ICEPortal, or give us a call at (+1)954-893-6778. We would love to hear from you!

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