Are your visuals mobile optimized?

When visitors look to your visuals at OTA’s or even in your own website in their mobile phone, what do they see? Is it easy for them to see all images? To find the category pictures? To see all the amenities your hotel offers? Or have you forced your potential guests to try to view your hotel through the visuals of your standard website – which was designed for a large monitor on a small mobile screen?

If your customers are still zooming and scrolling trying to see your visuals – sized to a standard monitor size –  on their mobile devices, it is probable that you are losing the reservations that could come from visitors checking your hotel on different websites (OTA’s, your own website) using a mobile devices. Those customers are having a frustrating mobile experience. Think about it.

Guess what? Those customers will look for the next hotel in the area if it’s too difficult to them to navigate through your visuals. So please stop driving guests to your mobile optimized competitor by optimizing your visuals for all devices.

As a marketing and sales manager, it is crucial for your revenue to communicate effectively to your potential customers in all ways you can. Most people use smartphones and tablets for something, every day. The chances of a potential guest looking for your hotel right now on a mobile device are quite high, especially if you consider the amount of time people spend on their smartphones. This is great news right, but to take advantage of this change of the shopping behavior, you need to have your visuals – what really sells your hotel – up to date and optimized for all sizes and types of mobile devices.

Why update your content to mobile devices?

The answer to this question is pretty simple:

1-      The number of visitors reaching your hotel (in your own website or in an OTA’s website) on a mobile device increase every day

2-      The way your visuals are presented on a mobile device must follow the format of the screen and the requirements of each different device (some play Flash, some don’t, etc).

All marketers know that it is important to address the consumer’s needs in order to better convert the visitors into guests. To do this your hotel need to present the right content in the right format in every type of device the visitor is using to access your hotel.

How much can you afford to lose?

Right now you might be asking to yourself: “how many users have gone mobile?” A studied conduct by Google in 2010 showed that mobile phone ownership outpacing personal computer ownership (PDF). Other studies showed that half the population of US mobile subscribers now own smartphones, and also that it is estimated that there will be over 108 million tablet users by 2015.

Now, the million dollar question:  With thousands of travel websites and so many categories of devices, how can be possible to have all my visuals delivered in the right size and format to all of them?

IcePortal helps clients produce, manage and distribute rich visuals to over 11 million unique visitors a month on websites around the globe.  Powerful and flexible technology leverages 360, photography, videos and eBooks that are easily managed and automatically distributed to 1,000s of travel websites, including Orbitz, Expedia, Tripadvisor, Kayak, to name a few. The company is in the forefront of innovation to constantly deliver real value to clients.

IcePortal enables travel suppliers to not only improve the visual content on their own websites but also on the thousands of other travel sites, search engines, portals and GDS’s. IcePortal ensures that travel supplier’s visual content is delivered correctly for all of the following: Formats, Size, Connection Speeds, Bandwidth, Language, Operating System or Platform (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, etc.) all within specified SLA’s for the world’s major travel websites.

ICE is an acronym for Internet Content Exchange and its mission is to simplify content management and distribution for the travel industry. IcePortal’s Content Management System (CMS) allows customers to easily view and manage their content and obtain a multitude of custom reports on content distribution. For more information please visit


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