Depending on the nature of your hotel, you may be looking to attract those traveling for business. After all, according to The Global Business Travel Association, 1.3 million business trips occur each day in the U.S., making this an extremely profitable market. Take these tips into consideration when targeting business travelers:

1. Promote rates and packages customized to their needs. Special rates and loyalty programs for corporate travelers will entice them to book a room at your hotel and continue booking for future trips.

2. Optimize your website for use on mobile devices. For corporate travelers on-the-go, a responsive website is a must. Ensuring this seamless user experience can increase your booking conversion for all audiences, including business travelers.

3. Personalize your communications. This goes for all prospective customers, not just corporate travelers. Sending out generic emails that aim to appeal to everyone will not convert consumers online, in fact, 72% of consumers don’t like generic marketing (MDG Advertising.) Business travelers should be shown content that is suited to them (specific services, amenities, etc.)

4. Create a business travel-tailored page on your site. In addition to personalizing your emails, creating a specific page intended for corporate travelers will help paint a picture of why they should book at your hotel. Promoting high speed Wi-Fi, your property’s business center or specialized in-room workspaces will show them what they are looking for.

5. Offer transportation. To save business travelers time and a headache, consider offering transportation from the airport as a part of a corporate package. Or, make travel arrangements for them as they attend the business functions they are in town for.

6. Be flexible. Offering flexible check-in/check-out times will appeal to business travelers as they oftentimes have somewhere to be and are unable to check in or out at a particular time. Also, giving the option to self-check-out via kiosk or app will add even more flexibility.

Following this advice will help to increase your bookings from corporate travelers and can generate repeat business from them in the future.

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