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How Hotels & Resorts in the U.S. can Attract Asian Tourists

Hotels and resorts can attract the growing Asian tourism market by making travel easier for this tourist group. Travel guides, that can be accessed on mobile devices, allows people that travel feel secure in the knowledge they have about the country they are visiting. In the travel guides, hotels and resorts can include information that […]

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How Property Management Distributes Visual Content Worldwide

Visual content is a key factor in influencing guests to book a hotel or vacation rental property. Online visuals tell the story of the property and entice guests to learn more about the property. High-quality digital images are delivered to thousands of travel sites, using online distribution channels, thanks to a content management system (CMS). […]

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Image Distribution Challenges for Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals rely on visual content to get the attention of guests looking to book a property. Vacation rentals face several challenges when it comes to image distribution: One of the first challenges of image distribution is finding the needed images. Some vacation rentals do not use a digital asset library to organize and share […]

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Four Hotel Visuals that Accelerate Your Bookings

Resort & Hotel Visuals that Accelerate your Bookings Resort and hotel visuals play a big part in accelerating your hotel bookings and increasing revenue. While the written word is certainly important in sharing important information about the services and amenities offered at your property, the human brain remembers 65% of visual information up to three […]

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How Hotel & Vacation Brands Build Brand Awareness in a Digital World

How Hotel & Vacation Brands Build Brand Awareness in a Digital World People that are traveling have multiple options when it comes to choosing a hotel to book. According to a 2018 study by Cornell University, it was found that the brand of an independent hotel or vacation rental, as well as chain or franchise […]

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Hotel Marketing Secrets for Higher OTA Scores

Hotel Marketing Secrets for High Ranking OTA Scores Hotel marketing counts on high ranking OTA scores to help boost their business by driving traffic to their websites and increasing bookings. In order to achieve high ranking OTA scores, hotels need to utilize certain “marketing secrets” to help improve their overall hotel rankings on OTA sites. […]

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6 Technology Trends Affecting the Hotel Industry

6 Technology Trends Affecting the Hotel Industry The hotel industry has evolved in recent years thanks to improvements and advances in technology. From mobile check-in, streaming devices that allow guests to view content from their computers and tablets on the TV in their room to photo and reputation management, the hospitality industry works to stay […]

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Expedia’s 2018 Growth Still Targets International Travelers

Expedia’s 2018 Growth Still Targets International Travelers Expedia ended 2018 showing business growth in the double digits. Their business grew in areas including bookings and revenue as well as adjusted net income and adjusted EDITDA over the numbers shown at the end of 2017. With over one million properties available on their core lodging platform, […]