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How to Earn Last Minute Hotel Bookings

Regardless of how busy or popular any hotel is, there will always be times where your property is not fully booked. Appealing to travelers with last minute hotel bookings is a great way to fill up rooms that otherwise would sit empty. These tips can help you convert last minute lookers to bookers. Give a […]

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Are Your Hotel Visuals Being Distributed Properly Across All GDS’?

Hotel Photo Distribution on all GDSs (a How to) First of all, in order to increase hotel bookings on all global distribution systems, it is imperative for hoteliers that their hotels’ visuals are being displayed properly. When uploading your images for distribution, a number of steps can be taken to optimize your listing. Use the […]


Facebook for Hotels

Over recent years, social media has become one of the most prominent channels consumers use to research travel. This requires hotels to have a robust presence across popular social platforms, especially a marketing plan for using Facebook for hotels. Although Facebook’s low organic reach requires brands to essentially “pay to play” for their content to […]

Don’t we all want great hotel customer service?

Today I was trying to think about the last time I had good customer service… It took me a while to recall something worth remembering. Now that I think about it, I even remember finding myself surprised whenever I did get outstanding customer service. As if it were an unusual thing nowadays. Sadly, it is. I […]

5 Thanksgiving Travel Stats for 2018

Thanksgiving Travel 2018 We’ve reached that time of year where holiday travel is everyone’s minds (or at least those within the travel and hospitality industry.) The Thanksgiving holiday travel period for 2018 is defined as Thursday, November 15 through Sunday, November 25. Take a look at these interesting Thanksgiving travel statistics. 1. 50.9 million Americans […]

3 Marketing Tips for Independent Hotels

In order to stand out against large hotel groups, independent hotels need to market themselves in such a way that leverages their uniqueness and entices travelers to book. This requires them to understand their target audience and appeal them in numerous ways. Here are 3 main marketing tips for Independent hotels.  Be sure to have […]

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8 Statistics on Millennial Travel Trends

The millennial demographic has companies in numerous industries adjusting their marketing strategies, including companies within the travel industry. Travel marketers hope to build brand loyalty with this younger age group now, focuing on Millennial Travle Trends, in order to generate repeat business in coming years. These statistics from Internet Marketing Inc’s “Millennial Travel Trends: A […]

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What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 5/5)

In previous weeks, we’ve covered what makes up a dynamic visual content management system (CMS). So far, we explained the importance of scoring, tagging, tracking and delivery in the correct specs and language. This week we’ll highlight how important it is to have stellar customer support from your CMS. Although you now know the criteria […]