Using landing pages to promote your hotel is an effective way to generate marketing leads/provide insights about your audience and increase online booking conversion. The difference between a landing page and your hotel’s homepage is that a landing page focuses on one thing rather than presenting numerous options for visitors to click. This targeted marketing can be done in several ways.

First, hotel marketers can use landing pages as a way to get consumers’ email addresses to use for future marketing. In exchange for their email address, you can offer discounts or exclusive content. Once you get their email address, you can redirect them to a page that promotes booking a room. Even if they are not interested right now, you can still use their email address to market your hotel in the future.

You can also create landing pages for specific room types or packages that you offer. This can be further targeted to a specific audience by using data to remarket particular rooms or packages that the consumer has researched on your site previously. This can increase conversions as it gives the consumer only one choice of what they can do (book) rather than having all the distractions of the content featured on homepages.

If these consumers do in fact decide to book, you can then bring them to a page where you focus on upselling them on other services you offer. Whether it be a massage at your hotel spa or a dinner reservation at one of your hotel restaurants, this technique is a great way to generate more revenue. Additionally, you can further entice the consumer by offering a deal for making this reservation right then and there.

These ideas are a great way to get started with landing pages for your hotel. As you find out what is working you can adjust and add more landing pages to generate more leads and drive revenue for your establishment.

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