Benefits of OTAs

It is no secret that hotels have been making a major push for travelers to book direct. Understandable, considering the high OTA commission fees.  Also, the fact that valuable customer information is often not passed to the hotels when someone books throuh an OTA. Aside from these disadvantages, there are some major benefits of OTAs. Consider these advantages when determining the value of listing your property on an OTA:

Increased bookings

When things are slow at certain times throughout the year, working with OTAs can help your property to gain bookings.  These bookings you may not have gotten on your own. Additionally, the benefits of OTAs is that they can offer bundle packages to add extras to your room (car rental, flight, etc.), so this can also entice consumers to book.

New Consumers

Since OTAs are user-friendly and offer information in numerous languages, your property can reach users from places you wouldn’t normally attract on your own.

The Billboard Effect

Although a consumer may find your hotel via OTA site, they might still rather book direct. Seeing your hotel on an OTA can encourage people to visit your site for more information (and as a result, book direct.) Or, even if they do not book, they are still more likely to remember your hotel for the future.

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