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How to Expand On Your Hotel Mobile App

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As more travelers are booking on mobile devices, more hotel brands are creating apps to simplify the booking process. Aside from booking hotel rooms, apps can be used for a variety of other reasons.  Mainly, to help enhance the guest experience.…

4 Reasons to Implement a Chatbot on Your Hotel Website

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Hotel chatbots are gaining popularity as they serve a number of purposes and simplify processes for both the hotel and guest. If you are considering or are on the fence about implementing a chatbot on your website, read further to learn…

Why Are Users Abandoning Their Reservations on Your Hotel Website?

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As mobile browsing becomes more prevalent, more travelers are planning and booking travel via their mobile device. Unfortunately, a poor user experience on your hotel website leaves many travelers frustrated, abandoning the reservation they…
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How to Win Back Bookings from OTAs

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Hotels across the world are looking to reduce their dependence on OTAs and get coveted direct bookings from travelers. While it is beneficial for hotels to use OTAs and not cut them out entirely, there are a few things they can consider…