Vacation Resorts Using Image Distribution to Protect Brand

Vacation Resorts Using Image Distribution to Protect Brand

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Your brand means everything to the success of your resort. With so many options available to consumers, if a resort doesn’t protect its brand, they’ll quickly find guests staying elsewhere. In the quest to protect your brand, image distribution…
Hotels Get More Direct Bookings with Online Travel Agencies

Hotels Get More Direct Bookings with Online Travel Agencies

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According to new research published by Infrata, up to 35% of hotel bookings are a result of travelers discovering the hotel on a third party site and then visiting the hotel to book directly. Furthermore, Google found that over half of all travelers…
OTA photo requirements

How many Hotel images per Room are the OTAs requesting?

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How many Hotel Images per Room are the OTAs requesting? According to a recent study done by, 60% of travelers rank bathroom photos as “very important”. With such a large portion of travelers showing interest in bathroom photos,…

Are Your Hotel Visuals Being Distributed Properly Across All GDS’?

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Hotel Photo Distribution on all GDSs (a How to) First of all, in order to increase hotel bookings on all global distribution systems, it is imperative for hoteliers that their hotels’ visuals are being displayed properly. When uploading…
otd visual upload

What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 5/5)

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In previous weeks, we’ve covered what makes up a dynamic visual content management system (CMS). So far, we explained the importance of scoring, tagging, tracking and delivery in the correct specs and language. This week we’ll highlight…
tagging of hotel visuals

What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 2/5)

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Last week, we began discussing what travel suppliers should be looking for in a visual content management system (CMS). Our first criteria was scoring of visuals.  Scoring helps travel marketers audit their visuals for optimal distribution…

A 7-Step Quality Audit for Your Hotel Visuals

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Today’s hotel booking landscape is as competitive and cut-throat as ever, making it an absolute necessity for hotel marketers to cover all of their bases on the web. One of the most important, if not THE most important factor in consumers…

How Can Hotels Use Personalization to Attract and Retain Guests?

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Personalization is a major component in engaging today’s travelers. In fact, 69% of travelers are more loyal to a travel company that personalizes their experiences online and offline (Think with Google.) Consumer data presents hotels…

Tips to Optimize Your Hotel’s Google My Business Page

Having an up-to-date, informative and visually appealing Google My Business page is important when driving consumers to your site. It can be the deciding factor between whether they click to your site, search for another hotel…

Six Things Hoteliers Should Do to Improve their OTA Content Score

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When a consumer searches for a hotel on any online travel agency (OTA), the order in which hotels appear is determined by the OTA content score. The traveler is unaware that the ranking rewards some and punishes others, but, the order matters…