Chinese Millennials are Leading the Global Adventure Travel

Chinese Millennials are Leading the Global Adventure Travel

A recent survey of 300 Chinese outbound travel agents showed over 52% of those surveyed believe Chinese travelers are willing to spend close to $1500 on adventure trips. Another survey, created in conjunction with the Kairos Future consulting and research company, revealed that 80% of those surveyed feel adventure travel is a travel category that most appeals to Chinese millennials that were born in the 80s and 90s. Adventure travel means something different to each traveler and it can include adventures such as hiking, skydiving and rock climbing. One of the reasons Chinese millennials have such an interest in the global adventure category is that it runs parallel to the entrepreneurial ideals of challenging oneself and facing difficulties that are a strong part of modern-day Chinese society. Travel agencies work to customize each trip, so travelers can enjoy a unique adventure travel experience. Travel agencies consider personalized travel experiences to be absolutely necessary in meeting the needs of Chinese millennials.

Top 3 Things Chinese Travelers Desire the Most

When it comes to adventure travel, there are three things Chinese travelers desire the most:

  • Safety – 30% of those surveyed want their travel agencies to make sure their adventure travel experience is safe. While they enjoy the actual adventure aspect of the experience, Chinese travelers are much less experienced when it comes to adventure travel.
  • Local Activities – Another aspect of adventure travel that is important to Chinese millennials is that the adventure they experience is local to their hotel or vacation rental. In fact, 26% of those surveyed listed local activities as important to them
  • Scenery – The final item on the list is somewhat related to the local activities listed above. Chinese travelers are asking their travel agencies to make sure their travel adventure scenery is something they don’t often experience in their daily lives. Different scenery, that is also memorable, is desired by 17% of the people that took the survey.

Photo Management & Distribution CMS

Vacation rentals, as well as bed and breakfast and hotels, can best prepare for the growing Chinese millennial adventure travel market by using IcePortal’s CMS. This advanced photo management and distribution system offers photo delivery to thousands of channels. In addition, IcePortal’s photo management and distribution system allows for the assigning of meta-tags to each photo, image 360 or video. These meta-tags are then mapped to correspond to meta-tags on each of the major OTAs (online travel agency) for a greater impact that increases bookings. Hotels and vacation rentals have greater control over the content that is displayed as well as control over who has permission to modify the images. Now, with Shiji Group as our parent company, IcePortal can provide unparalleled access to travelers from China through twenty of the largest China OTAs and travel agency groups.

Maximize your impact with the growing Chinese millennial travel adventure market by contacting IcePortal today about our photo management and distribution system.

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