We would like to congratulate the outstanding team at the Christian Sharing Center as they launch their new HD360 Virtual Tours, fully showcasing the organization’s confidential facilities dedicated to helping less fortunate individuals in need.

History of the Sharing Center
It began with a vision. In 1985 a group of church leaders and social workers met to form a plan to better assist the poor in Seminole County. Pastors recognized that their staffs did not have the training, time or resources to do the job effectively. Many services were being duplicated; others not provided at all. Sixteen churches pledged to provide food, finances and volunteers when South Seminole Christian Sharing Center opened in May, 1986.

“We just wanted to say ‘thank you’ once more for your so-generous gift of our Virtual Tour. We got it launched yesterday on our website, and I enjoyed reading Portal’s blog so much I couldn’t resist putting a link to it in our announcement. We are so grateful and pleased with the result.

We just can’t thank all of you enough, please tell your photographer how much we enjoyed meeting him and what a great job he has done capturing and presenting our mission.”

Nancy Nolt
Media Manager | Christian Sharing Center

Head over to the Sharing Center and ‘Like’ them on Facebook to show your support in their ongoing charitable efforts. Together, we can help make the world a better place!

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