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PrecICE Curation

Image Tracking

Quality Score

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Simple, Multilingual, Fast …

  • Created for travel & hospitality with an intuitive simple user interface that boosts productivity
  • Supports 12 different languages with auto-translations for all fixed fields (categories, tags, etc.)
  • Photo delivery to 1000s of channels (OTAs, GDS, Search) from Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN

PrecICE Curation…

  • PrecICE Meta-tags are mapped to corresponding tags on the major OTAs, GDSs and Search Engines
  • Better context = more personalization and greater targeted impact which converts more bookings!
  • All your properties’ visuals are maintained accurate, everywhere – GDSs, OTAs, Wholesalers, Search, etc.

Image Tracking …

  • Our platform provides details on who, when, and what was uploaded, modified and/or deleted
  • Customers now have visibility to see when their image(s) where delivered to distribution channels
  • Tracking visuals provides customers with greater control over where their content is being displayed

Quality Score & Optimization…

  • Knowing the content score and viewing warnings provides users with insights on how to improve
  • Determined by various factors – image size, quantity, categorization, and room type association
  • Scores range from 0-100 – Higher content scores improve page ranking and converts more booking