Curate Boutique Hotel Images with ICE Portal’s CMS

Curate Boutique Hotel Images with ICE Portal’s CMS

Boutique hotels are known as smaller and stylish hotels with anywhere from 10-100 rooms in the building. Their stylish image is created, in part, by boutique hotel images that tell a story about the business. One of the easiest ways to curate and distribute assets is using a content management system (CMS) to share digital images with others through any number of distribution channels. ICE Portal’s CMS was created specifically for hotel marketing in the travel and hospitality industry. Thanks to Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN, hoteliers can distribute images to authorized users through thousands of channels as well as track where the images were delivered and which user received them.

Benefits of Content Management Systems

Content management systems for curating boutique hotel images offer multiple benefits:

  • Accessible from any location – A CMS allows users to access digital images from anywhere in the world on any computer that has access to the system.
  • Permission controls – CMS provides the ability to assign user privileges to certain sections or images as well as restrict the content that users can access.
  • Track the delivery of the materials – A content management system allows those sending the boutique hotel images to easily keep track of where they were delivered who received them and how they are used by others.
  • Images are easily updated – Hotel management that wants to update their graphics, or want to utilize certain graphics for a special promotion or event, have easy access to thousand of images that can easily be sent through distribution channels.

Use ICE Portal’s CMS to Easily Curate Boutique Hotel Images

The workflow of accessing, sharing and implementing the use of boutique hotel images is easier than ever thanks to ICE Portal’s CMS. Meta-tags are precICEly mapped on online travel agency sites, all major search engines and global distribution systems. In addition, all of the boutique hotel images are categorized and tagged so that all of the OTAs have the correct information to showcase your hotels when buyers are searching for a boutique hotel. The workflow of a project is significantly improved thanks to the easy to use permissions functions of ICE Portal’s CMS.

Curating your boutique hotel images begins when you contact our experienced team about the ICE Portal CMS.

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