There is no way to deny it: The world is rapidly changing from analog to digital. People are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis – on mobiles phones, laptops, tablets…- It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, there is always a smart phone or a tablet available to find whatever you need.

When it comes to the travel world, it is even more real. Websites like Expedia have changed the way travelers search and actually decide about booking a hotel.

But even with all this new way of doing business, one thing has not changed: The visuals.

If time is of the essence or for those who do not like to read- visuals may be the deciding factor! When they are looking for a hotel, either for their vacation, extended weekend or honeymoon, the first thing they look at, is the pictures of the potential hotels.


The steps of shopping changed as well. Digital Marketing leads the shopper through a whole new process: To be up to date in your “visual concept” you need to add professional, recent and absolutely flawless pictures & at least a 360 tour or a video (ideally both). After seeing that in an OTA (online travel agency) they will look to reviews about your hotel (more pictures), social media sites (Guess what? More pictures) and finally the hotel website (Again: More pictures!)

Secrets Capri Upper Lobby

So, important to remember in digital marketing:

1)    Having stunning, amazing, flawless pictures is a basic priority in any marketing plan. Your visuals are how your potential client will decides between you and the hotel next door.

2)    Do not lock the pictures in a safe! Have those pictures uploaded to as many channels as possible is the key to reaching your customer. Whatever he is , if at home on his laptop, grocery shopping and looking for your hotel in his smart phone or receiving your newsletter in his email (on his iPad)



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