Today I was trying to think about the last time I had good customer service… It took me a while to recall something worth remembering. Now that I think about it, I even remember finding myself surprised whenever I did get outstanding customer service. As if it were an unusual thing nowadays. Sadly, it is.

I was inspired to think about this after I talked to a colleague recently and he mentioned he didn’t even want to switch his internet service provider just because he doesn’t want to go through disappointing customer service and the hassle that comes with it.

Does this resonate with you too? You’re so fed up with a service provider, but you don’t want to cancel the service just because you know it won’t be as simple as it sounds… and you’d rather avoid that altogether and continue with an ‘ok’ solution?

Why is the world making it so complicated for customers to receive good service?

It seems as if the bigger a company gets the less personal and customer-focused it becomes, when in fact, it should be the opposite.

Visual Content Management

For example, it SHOULD be easy for hoteliers to have their visuals properly displayed on OTAs and other travel sites, without having to call each individual one and complain about it. There is no one in any other industry that understands the importance of customer service just as hotel executives do. So, why can’t they receive the same kind of service in return?

Visual content management shouldn’t be stressing in any way, shape or form, especially when you’re managing 1000s of hotels. You want to look good in front of those potential bookers, and you want to receive the support you will need when they are out there.

We can do this for you. You may be struggling with thousands of images and virtual tours that showcase your properties. You may not know how to show your best visuals on OTAs.  But you love great customer service and want to provide the same.

The Process

It is a process, and it is a process that we will hold your hand through until the very end. We know the importance of great customer service, and are prepared to deliver the same to those who need of it.

Find out more on what we do through these training videos, and let us know in what ways we can help your hotel business, if you need of it! We promise we won’t put you on hold.

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