Conversion rates for users who visited a special offers page on a hotel website are over 3x that of users who did not visit a special offers page (NetAffinity.) Therefore, having a special offers page that is up to date and eye-catching is important for your hotel to convert travelers online. This page should offer a variety of options personalized for each consumer persona in order to make the greatest impact. NetAffinity’s study: Digital Trends for the Hotel Industry mentions a few different offers that can entice travelers to book direct.

1. Room Only: Book Direct for Best Available Rate

Guaranteeing the best rate for those who book direct is sure to entice travelers who want to save. As long as you do not offer this rate anywhere else, this tactic an increase your direct booking conversion.

2. One Night Getaway: Dinner, Bed & Breakfast. Enjoy a Free Welcome Drink

Offering a free welcome drink gets people through the door of your hotel bar and then, perhaps, they will stay for more. A busy bar also helps to get more customers through the door. If your hotel doesn’t have a bar, some other type of credit will have a similar effect. For dinner and breakfast, hotels should make the offer somewhat less expensive than the typical rate.

3. Advance Purchase: Buy Now and Save

Hotels can also encourage guests to book direct by offering a rate plan that allows them to book a stay that’s somewhat down the line. For example, if someone is planning a trip in two months, entice them to book it now on your hotel website by offering 10% off.

4. Bed & Breakfast: Save $ By Booking Online

Bed and Breakfast packages are a great way to upsell travelers. The offer should contain a less costly breakfast supplement than what is offered in the hotel.

These special offers are a great start for your hotel’s website. Hotel marketers should also look at the unique points of their hotels and use that as inspiration when creating special offers. For example, if your hotel has a golf course, you should create an offer that ties in golfing. Be creative and be sure to personalize your offers based off of different traveler personas.

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