Video is rapidly becoming the most popular way of marketing to consumers. It presents a great opportunity for hoteliers, who can utilize it to show off their property’s rooms, pools, gyms, surrounding areas and more. Using video on your hotel website can increase direct bookings and delivering these videos to OTAs and GDSs can increase your booking conversion on these channels. Data from Showbox tells us just how much digital video is increasing in popularity and provides an incentive for hoteliers to use it in their marketing.

• From 2012-2016, online video views increased from 171 million to 213 million.

• By 2020, global video traffic will reach three times that of 2015.

• Seventy-five per cent of global mobile traffic will be video by 2020.

• From 2015 to 2016, global online video spending increased from 13 billion to 23 billion.

• By 2018, 90% of Facebook content will be video-based.

• From 2014 to 2019, video traffic will increase from 64% to 80% of all internet traffic.

• U.S. mobile video revenue from 2011-2016 increased by 385%.

• One third of retailers surveyed increased their conversions by 91% with video.

• Personalized videos can increase email conversions by 500%.

• Videos 30 seconds or less have 89% higher conversion.

• Video content in email marketing can increase click through rate (CTR) by 2-3x and customer loyalty by 35%.

• 82% of marketers that use video in their email marketing believe it’s effective.

This information should entice hotel marketers to incorporate video into their budget and can therefore generate increased bookings and build brand credibility.

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