Expedia’s 2018 Growth Still Targets International Travelers

Expedia’s 2018 Growth Still Targets International Travelers

Expedia ended 2018 showing business growth in the double digits. Their business grew in areas including bookings and revenue as well as adjusted net income and adjusted EDITDA over the numbers shown at the end of 2017. With over one million properties available on their core lodging platform, Expedia is focusing on increasing their local relevance when it comes to global travel. International travelers are an area where the company hopes to grow as they own only 3% of the EMEA market and 2% in Latin America and Asia Pacific. The CEO of Expedia says the company is working to deliver better services and products for international travelers taking part in global travel. Their strategy includes easy to use websites with descriptions and photos that match the local tone of the featured country along with promotional offers that are locally relevant to the countries where international travelers reside or visit. Their two vacation rental brands, VRBO and HomeAway, cater to 190 countries while representing over 2 million lodging establishments.

Global Travel Forecast Is Expecting Massive Growth

When it comes to global travel, massive growth is in the forecast for these reasons:

  • Hotels are still enjoying the benefits of low supply and high demand that has been consistent for the last few years. Major cities that experience high global travel have added a lot of capacity due to international travel demands. This demand has raised hotel room rates across the globe.
  • Rising oil prices might not be good for consumers but they are expected to benefit airlines as airfare is expected to rise anywhere from 2.6% to 7% according to the annual business travel forecast from Carlson Wagonlit Travel and the Global Business Travel Association.
  • Even with the rise of ridesharing and an oversupply of rental fleets, rental cars remain a big part of the travel plans of international travelers. The car rental industry is expected to see significant growth thanks to the increasing global travel industry.

ICE Portal CMS will Curate Assets and Distribution

Global travel is a competitive business sector that requires a cutting-edge content management system to gain a competitive advantage. IcePortal CMS is created especially for the travel and hospitality industry by giving them the ability to deliver photos, and curate them, with all of the relevant meta-tags, room types & categories. The software then distributes the visuals to thousands of channels WORLDWIDE including China. IcePortal’s CMS gives businesses the ability to track the use of their images and offers insights on how to improve the impact of their images with a quality score that ranges from 0-100. Using the software, a hotel or vacation rental manager can improve their visual score which increases their rankings across all OTAs and GDS which will improve their booking conversions.

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