Four Hotel Visuals that Accelerate Your Bookings

Resort & Hotel Visuals that Accelerate your Bookings

Resort and hotel visuals play a big part in accelerating your hotel bookings and increasing revenue. While the written word is certainly important in sharing important information about the services and amenities offered at your property, the human brain remembers 65% of visual information up to three days after the information was shown to the person. On the other hand, the brain only retains 10% of verbal information three days after it is told to a person. Hotel visuals are more than the logo of the hotel or simple photos of the available rooms at the property. Hotel visuals tell a story about the property as well as the area and attractions that surround the hotel. The ability to show potential guests what they can experience during their stay means resort and hotel visuals make a long-lasting impact on those interested in learning more about the property.

4 Types of Visuals that Increase OTA Bookings

When it comes to the types of visuals that lead to an OTA booking, there are certain visuals that increase the odds of a traveler pulling the trigger:

  • Infographics – The danger about wanting to include a lot of information to guests is that it can be overwhelming. Infographics deliver multiple pieces of complex information in a format that is easy to process and digest. In addition, infographics increase website traffic and engagement by highlighting the information hotel management wants consumers to know about their property that often leads to increased bookings.
  • Custom designed and created illustrations – Some concepts are hard to explain using only words to deliver the information. Custom designed and created illustrations provide consumers with a convenient way to more easily understand an idea shared by the hotel or resort. In addition, illustrations can be used to make the steps of booking a room simpler and more inviting. Illustrations are an ideal way to communicate with guests when it comes to logistical or administrative aspects of the OTA booking process.
  • Videos – The use of videos online is growing and will keep growing in the future. A Cisco study shows that 82% of all online traffic will consist of videos by the year 2022. Videos can tell a story about the hotel by walking potential guests through the rooms, restaurants and spa facilities at the property. Videos bring the property to life in a way that even the most beautiful photos cannot achieve. Videos are like giving guests an all-access backstage pass to the inner workings of the property.
  • Image 360 & VR visuals – Car dealerships are big on “try it before you buy it” AKA taking a car out for a test drive before a customer purchases a vehicle. 360 degree images and virtual reality (VR) gives guests the chance to experience the hotel before they arrive thanks to a head-mounted display that provides a 3D world. From Australia to China to America, hotels are seeing an increase in the use of VR experiences that are related to the travel and tourism industry. VR can take guests through the hotel so they can see everything the property has to offer from all angles while still being in the comfort of their own home.

What Guests Want to See on Hotel Virtual Tours

There are several items guests want to experience on hotel virtual tours:

  • They want unique content that feels like it was created for the virtual tour and not recycled ideas from other hotel presentations. Content that is well designed and tells a unique story stands out from the crowd.
  • Guests also don’t want hotels and resorts to waste their time discussing the history or background of the property. They want a more direct approach that shows the hotel rooms as well as the benefits to be found in booking a room.
  • They want interesting hotel virtual tours and not just one long promotional video. Hotel guests like to hang out by the pool, but they also want to see the activities and restaurants located near the pool. The lobby is important to guests because they will spend time there meeting with, or waiting for, other guests. They want to know if the lobby is a sterile environment or if it is friendly and inviting. Think about including content that is created by other guests (user-generated content) that gives a personal aspect to the story of the hotel.
  • Make sure guests can view hotel virtual tours on all devices and channels that consumers use for an OTA booking.

Hotel virtual tours can make a big difference in the booking decision of guests so make sure the content is interesting and engaging and not a boring business presentation seen in a boardroom or on a PowerPoint.

With some planning and creation of compelling content, hotel visuals can accelerate your bookings thanks to impactful and engaging visual storytelling.

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