Google’s New Travel Tools: Visual Asset Management is Critical

Google’s list of travel features keeps expanding with another addition that focuses on travel planning and hotel bookings. The update, Google’s New Travel tools features a variety of features that allow you to quickly compare flight costs around the holidays, which hotels are having deals, and what you can expect to find in the neighborhood surrounding any given hotel.

With a new list of features where visitors can quickly scan multiple options, high-quality images matter more than ever. With Google’s new travel tools, your hotel will be pitted against several competitors without the visitor even having to leave the page. Less than optimal images can reflect the visitor’s opinion of your entire hotel. With a content management system to constantly supply high-quality images, you’ll never be left out of the competition again.

Google’s New Travel Tools – Planning Features:

Google’s new travel tools has new travel planning features. That’s great. But what are they and why you should care? Because it’s what your guests will be using. Google has taken the next step and offers extra features that other meta-search engines can’t offer. A few of these include:

  • Personalized travel results based on your Gmail account
  • Price tracking for hotels
  • Browse multiple rooms from multiple locations on one page
  • Show hotel results right in Google Maps

These features will make travelers more aware of their options, which means more competition for you.

IcePortal’s CMS For Visual Asset Management

Don’t let your hotel fall behind the ever-changing landscape. IcePortal’s CMS has made Visual Asset Management & distribution a breeze. Delivery and tracking of your visuals to thousands of distribution channels are just one of the features you can expect with IcePortal’s CMS. You’ll also find that it:

  • Has a simple, intuitive Graphical User Interface that makes it easy to use
  • Provides image quality scores
  • Curates images with meta-tags & room types

With Google’s new travel planning features, IcePortal’s CMS can help you stay in front of potential guests.

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