5 rules of differentiation in the market place
“If you differentiate yourself in the same way as your competitor, pick other differentiators.” – Philip Cutler
Your rooms may be warm and cozy, they might have a large work area as well as a nice marble bathroom.
Let’s go on to pictures, the photos should be taken by experts. The exposure needs to be right, the color, the lighting. Make sure you understand that perception is reality and if your photos lack it may cost you money.
Moving on to experience differentiation. What about the experience is better at your hotel? Is it the view, the location, or a certain amenity? Pools, conference rooms, all of these should have a visual attached.
Now go on to upselling. Your customer has chosen your location as the place they want to stay and you want to sell them on a higher rated product. Do you show this in the visuals? If a higher rate suite has a better view attach this, show them what they are getting and make it real for the buyer.
Attach visuals to room categories so they can be seen on OTAs as a difference. You will see the difference in the amount of revenue that comes in. Don’t forget vertical differentiation or ‘packaging.’ Don’t forget the rental car, the spa, the dining certificate and whatever else you can do to get more revenue through your door.

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