Henry: Hi, Henry here with Henrys Helpful Hints and this week we have Gil Keinan, he’s our vice president of business development. Gil spent last week in Las Vegas at the EyeForTravel conference and he’s coming to bestow some of that wisdom upon us. Gil, give us the hi-lights.
Gil: Thanks a lot Henry for taking the time to talk to me. EyeForTravel was really well organized and they did a fantastic job of concentrating on 3 key trends in our industry. Distribution, revenue management and mobile. The 2 key denominators in all 3 tracks was the emphasis on differentiation and the social experience.
Henry: We’ve heard that before. Differentiate, social; what does it all mean? Can you break it down for us?
Gil: Well let’s start with distribution. The best practices were presented from a variety of players. And the first speaker was Melissa from Expedia. She did a fantastic job of listing down some must do’s. At the head of those must do’s was the fact that you have to have good photos, virtual tours and videos to present yourself online.
Henry: Haven’t I been saying that for years. Rich media is very important, but also talk to us about the social media.
Gil: Well, another fantastic panel; Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Linkedin and Maxymizer. The comment that came out of that for me was that you have to adjust your approach depending on the clientele. Companies that will do well are the ones that understand to how to segregate buckets of users and speak to them individually. Social is social but it’s not always social.
Henry: it is to some people. So we’ve talked about the distribution, the social media. Any takeaways for revenue managers?
Gil: Lots. Revenue management is really getting complicated by the day, by the year with the addition of new analytics and loyalty metrics. I was on a panel that talked about innovation and I was accompanied by the airline and the destination management folks and differentiation really needs to start at the core of the experience. You have to present a customized product for the customer, not for what the company needs to sell and it’s all about visually appealing packaging.
Henry: I couldn’t agree more. There is lots of information here, if you’d like to chat with Gil feel free to give us a call here at IcePortal he’d be happy to help and I should have him back because there’s a lot more information there. Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next week on Henry’s Helpful Hints.
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