Have you been checking your social media analytics lately? Have you noticed the ongoing trend of posts that contain visuals being more engaging than the rest?Finding ways to include more visuals on your social channels can be frustrating, and quite frankly, time consuming.We got you covered! The following list will help you build a visual content plan for your social channels

  1. If you don’t have one yet, build a social media posting calendar and make sure to include a visual stimuli for each post.
  2. When posting articles, post them as photos instead of status updates.
  3. Make your Facebook’s cover photo unique. Have it represent your brand. Here are some tools that will help you create awesome cover photos.
  4. Create a free account in Quozio and start making your favorite industry quotes look visually appealing
  5. Create blog posts that go beyond text, such as infographics, slideshares, videos, etc. Sharing content that is purely visual on social media does extremely well. The number of people who are searching for infographics has increased by over 800% in the last 2 years (Unbounce).
  6. Encourage UGC (user generated content) through contests, or engaging posts. You can use these photos and share them  in all of your other social channels
  7. Create graphs on emerging trends that you’ve been following.
  8. Make sure the pictures you are posting have a good description in the file name, and that they are of good quality.
  9. Check out the Marketoonist for funny and relevant marketing cartoons that you can use on your posts.  Memes are highly shareable in social media as well.

Start thinking on ways to implement these visual contents to your current content marketing or social media strategy; and watch your unique visitors increases, as well as the engagement of your posts.

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