3 Ways to Simplify Your Hotel Digital Asset Management

As digital assets in the form of documents and rich media such as images and video continue to grow, the resources and people needed to maintain these assets grows larger by the day. Adopting a Hotel Digital Asset Management solution can drastically improve efficiency and help free up resources needed in other parts of your hotel’s infrastructure.

Though Hotel Digital Asset Management is a significant improvement to the alternative, the underlying software can greatly alter your experience. Choosing the right solution will not only ensure your assets are safe and secure but easily organized, shared and tracked.

Hotel Digital Asset Management Benefits

Utilizing an image asset management solution for your hotel has several benefits. It can improve content production, distribution, and repurposing of your images. But to take full advantage, you need to simplify. In order to simplify your hotel’s digital asset management, you need a solution that:

  • Delivers your visuals and automatically updates to thousands of distribution channels
  • Tracks your images to show you where they are being delivered
  • Provides image quality scores and curates images with meta-tags

This trio of benefits can drastically reduce the workforce needed to maintain your digital assets and truly simplify your hotel’s Image Asset Management.

Best Hotel Visual Asset Management For Channel Managers

IcePortal delivers a Hotel Visual Asset Management solution for channel managers that makes it easy to keep your visual assets in front of millions of viewers. With IcePortal, you’ll have access to:

Delivery to the world’s largest distribution partner network
A simple, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Better visuals so that you can have an improved content score and higher rankings

All of this leads to what you ultimately want — more bookings. Your images can be seen around the globe in 13 languages to show your future guests how truly unique your hotel is.
Simplifying your Hotel Digital Asset Management solution can free up more workforce and create more bookings.

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