Hotel Image Asset Management Trends for 2019

Every year, thousands of hotels fail to make their guests happy. Some are because of factors that are hard to change such as location, but many fail because they don’t keep up on what their guests want. With technology opening up almost endless possibilities, guests’ expectations are changing.

For a hotel to remain relevant and successful, they need to stay up-to-date on what their guests want. To kick things off, we’d like to cover a few important hotel image asset management trends for 2019. We’ll save you the countless tips that seem overwhelming and give you three golden nuggets you can use this upcoming year to create more happy guests with hotel digital asset management.

Hotel Digital Asset Management Trends:

What makes something trendworthy? While we here at IcePortal see several possibilities, we only want to provide you with the trends that we know will help you grow and succeed. In 2019:

  • Experiences built with digital assets will attract more guests. Guests need more than an amenities list. They want an experience. Digital assets are the premier way to help them envision and experience a stay at your hotel before they even book.
  • Personalization will become more important. With the improvements in artificial intelligence, consumers are seeing more personalized offers. This will extend into hotels as well.
  • Mobile isn’t going anywhere. Seriously. Every asset you use NEEDS to be mobile-friendly.

Hotel Media Distribution Is Critical For Channel Management

These trends will shape the next year and those who don’t adapt will be left behind. At IcePortal, we’re adapters. We know that hotel media distribution is absolutely critical for channel management. Your future guests are going to be searching and we want to make sure it’s you they find. With our content management system, you’ll have your assets delivered to the world’s largest distribution partner network. That means that:

  • Your visuals will be everywhere
  • You’ll have an improved content score
  • You’ll achieve higher rankings

All of this leads to more bookings. That’s what we all want, right?

2019 will be a make-it or break-it year for many hotels. Let IcePortal make sure you’re on the winning end with professional hotel media distribution.

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