Hotel Media Gallery for Facebook Offers Huge Benefits

Our Facebook Service Makes Managing your Visuals Easier

It seems like almost everyone you know is on Facebook. The few people that are not on Facebook usually view posts that are shown to them by friends and family. Hotels use Facebook to promote their services as well as share hotel photos on Facebook that showcase their property and create posts that make guests want to stay at the hotel.  Successful media management of the photos starts with our Facebook service that utilizes our content management system. We work with your staff to create a media gallery that brands your hotel while providing high-quality photos that increase guest registration and create interest in the amenities offered by the hotel.

Show Your Guests What You Want Them to See

How do hotel photos show guests the items you want them to view on Facebook?

  • Instead of relying on low-quality user-generated content that can be “all over the road”, our Facebook service uses pre-approved photos that spotlight the aspects of the hotel you want to share.
  • An easy to use media management system only allows authorized users to access and share the photos.  Let the employees that understand your brand have access to the visual content approved by your team.
  • The content management system is cloud-based which means access can be achieved at the hotel as well as off-site locations when you need to post after hours, on weekends or during promotional events and sales.

Customize Your Media Gallery to Match Your Brand

An effective media gallery is not the result of throwing dozens of photos into a content management system and going through them at a later date. Hotel photos on Facebook are posted after the digital content is created using high-quality photos that accurately reflect the brand image of the hotel. Proper branding can make or break the way the hotel is viewed in the eyes of consumers and branding also produces the overall impression they have of the establishment. Customized and expertly curated content reinforces the hotel brand while making the business top of mind to guests.

Make social media simpler by asking us how to update Facebook with high-quality photos of your hotel.

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