Hotel Photo Management & Distribution Channels are Changing

Hotel Photo Management & Distribution Channels are Changing

In the past, hotel photo management was easier because potential guests mainly went to hotel websites to view information about the property. In addition, visual assets were mainly focused on the hotel and not the area or attractions surrounding the property. Hotel distribution channels are changing as different platforms such as TripAdvsior and Expedia continue their popularity with those looking for information and deals while planning a trip. Instead of viewing these outside channels as enemies of traditional hotel distribution efforts, the majority of hoteliers are embracing them as partners and building stronger relationships. While hoteliers and OTAs often try to get the best deal for their brand, they also realize that the best photo management and distribution strategy is to work together to be available to more customers on multiple platforms.

How Hotel Distribution is Changing with Consumer Behavior

Many experts feel consumer behavior is a big reason for the changes in hotel distribution:

  • More consumers are adopting a “mobile-first strategy” and are booking their hotels via websites or booking apps. This has allowed mobile based players to gain momentum and provided continued growth for larger OTAs.
  • Social media has become an avenue for consumers to learn more about hotels and the amenities located at, or near, the property. Social media allows consumers to read feedback from previous guests, view photos and study reviews from actual guests. Hoteliers are spending more time on the digital experience of guests by creating areas of the hotel that are photo-friendly for sharing on sites such as Instagram.
  • Market strategies often focus on “member only” benefits such as discounts, VIP perks and special deals for rooms or amenities in order to build customer loyalty.

Hotel Photo Management Protects Your Brand

Hotel photo management that delivers visual assets to thousands of distribution channels allows hoteliers to protect their brand online. Hoteliers use a content management system to grant access to the digital assets used in hotel distribution efforts. The CMS also allows hotel management to control where authorized users can send the digital images, when they can be sent and who has permission to upload, modify or edit the approved images. Branding across the Internet is much easier using a content management system. Approved images are shared with other websites and hotel management can be assured that the digital assets are approved and authorized for use since they control which images are delivered to online travel agencies and social media sites.

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