Hotels Get More Direct Bookings with Online Travel Agencies

According to new research published by Infrata, up to 35% of hotel bookings are a result of travelers discovering the hotel on a third party site and then visiting the hotel to book directly. Furthermore, Google found that over half of all travelers will visit a hotel’s website after seeing it on an Online Travel Agency.

This phenomenon is known as the “Billboard Effect”. Despite popular belief, the Billboard Effect is still important in a traveler’s decision-making process. What’s even better is the “free” advertising. Sure, you’ll pay the OTA to advertise your hotel, but you’ll only get charged if the traveler books through the OTA. That means if the traveler redirects back to your site and books with you instead, you’re getting the advertising without the cost. Sounds good, right?

So, what entices a traveler to leave the OTA and visit your site? Images. As you’ll learn below, high-quality images really do say thousands of words and can drive a potential guest to take action.

Hotel Image Distribution Benefits The Billboard Effect

Picture this: A guest is searching their favorite OTA for a hotel room. They pick their date, room preference, etc. Then they start browsing, scrolling and scrolling until that amazing shot of THE bed shows up. You know the one. It’s the one that they can imagine themselves relaxing for hours in.

Got the picture in your head? Good. Now, think about the image that invoked that feeling. Do you think it was the poorly cropped photo with a bad resolution? No, it was the high-quality image that showed that bed at the perfect angle and the perfect size. When a traveler finds one of “those” pictures, those are the hotels they want to learn more about. So they leave the OTA and visit your hotel’s site because they want to learn more about the hotel that can deliver that experience.

With Hotel Image Distribution, you can use high-quality images and capitalize on the billboard effect so that you can have:

  • More direct bookings
  • Essentially free advertising from OTAs
  • An opportunity to create repeat guests

IcePortal’s Digital Asset Library with Enticing Hotel Images

Creating that experience strong enough to stop a traveler from scrolling doesn’t come easy. You need enticing hotel images that can invoke a strong enough feeling to make them want to learn more. You’ll also need to store those images in a central location, have powerful search options as well as allow numerous team members and even outside vendors limited access. With IcePortal’s Digital Asset Library and CMS, you’ll never have to worry about that again. You can:

  • Store, organize and share all of your digital assets under one roof
  • Optimize your images so that OTAs get the best ones
  • Save time not having to recreate countless variations (our system takes the high-resolution image you provide and converts it into six different sizes)

The Billboard Effect is still very much alive. Take advantage of it with high-quality photos with IcePortal’s hotel image distribution.

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