How Boutique Hotels are Cleaning Up Their Visual Content

Using Boutique Hotel Marketing and Visuals to get Noticed

Boutique hotel marketing efforts that focus on visual content attract more guests and entice them to stay at the property. Hotel visuals can range from photos of the hotel lobby to the rooms and amenities available to guests.

Unfortunately, once a visual has been posted on an online travel agency site or the social media platforms of the boutique hotel, it often stays online even if the photo is outdated and doesn’t represent the hotel anymore.

Boutique hotel marketing execs are turning to hotel visual management systems to make sure only approved images are used to brand the hotel. Approved images are placed online and older/out of date visuals are removed in order to provide the most up to date representation of the property to guests as well as the hotel management and marketing departments.

In with the New and Out with the Old Hotel Visuals

Cleaning up hotel visuals offers multiple benefits to boutique hotels:

  • Hoteliers can be sure the only hotel visuals on a website are those that are selected and approved by hotel management
  • Outdated images that might confuse guests, as well as not be an accurate representation of the boutique hotel, can easily be updated or removed
  • A hotel visual management system lets approved users add or remove digital assets while allowing management to keep an eye on which hotel images are added or removed and who is performing any editing of the images

ICEPortal’s Hotel Visual Content Management System

IcePortal’s content management system was created to benefit the hospitality and travel industry. Our CMS allows boutique hotels to control the distribution of hotel visuals to thousands of distribution channels.

A hotel visual management system is more than simply adding new images or deleting old images. The CMS sets permission levels so only authorized users are allowed to distribute or modify the images. In addition, hotel management can track where the digital assets are sent and who received them once they were distributed.

Boutique hotels that want to make sure their images are properly branding the property can be certain the correct images are being distributed using IcePortal’s hotel visual management system.

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