Hotel Reputation is Everything and So is your Visual Content

How Hotel Image Management is Changing

Images tell a story which makes hotel image management an important, and sometimes overlooked, aspect of hotel marketing efforts.  The images should make guests feel like they are welcome as well as brand the hotel and showcase the guest experience anyone staying at the hotel can expect to enjoy. In the past, hotel image distribution was a time-consuming effort because the images could be on different computers in multiple locations. Thanks to advanced digital asset management systems like ICE Portal CMS, digital images used in hotel image management can be distributed quickly and efficiently from one central system where the images are curated.

Image Management is not just about Posting

When it comes to effective image management, there is more to the task than simply posting photos:

  • ICE Portal CMS lets the hotel marketing department control which users have permission to use certain images as well as where the images are delivered and displayed.
  • Meta-tags are mapped to corresponding tags on all major search engines and online travel agency sites to create a more targeted impact where the visuals are displayed.
  • The visual content is curated and accurately maintained for easy access and distribution to authorized users.

Using Ice Portal’s CMS Allows You to Curate Your Images

ICE Portal CMS allows photo content delivery to thousands of channels which makes content management easier for nationwide hotels. The system is also an effective content delivery solution for smaller chains as well. Our image curation system maps image meta-tags to corresponding tags on all major search engines and online travel sites so users of the system can be certain the visuals are accurately maintained everywhere they are posted online. Our CMS even provides a quality score from 0-100 (based on image size, category and quantity) so users have a better insight into how to improve their visuals for more bookings and a higher page ranking.

Use compelling visual content to ensure your excellent hotel reputation by contacting our team today about ICE Portal’s CMS.

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