Millennials have be associated as entitled and lazy but here’s an association I want to throw at you: travel trendsetters. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are typically defined as young adults born after the early 1980s and within travel they are a generation not to ignore. Millennials spend $200 billion a year on travel and even though they are the future of the industry, they are already redefining it. Here are three ways millennials are changing the travel industry.


Millennials Embrace Technology
Millennials were the first generation born into the digital world. It’s natural for this generation to looking at travel, be inspired by travel and book travel online. Millennials are also stuck to their mobile devices, 66% of millennials use mobile search to shop and buy travel. With so many consumers looking at travel arrangements on mobile sites, it’s important to have your hotel accurately represented across all platforms and mobile friendly. A poor mobile experience forces travelers to move elsewhere and has a negative impact on your brand.According to Phocuswright’s Traveler Technology Survey 2013, 36% of millennials used their smartphones for destination selection, 37% for travel shopping and 23% for booking. For non-millennials, those percentages drop significantly to 6%, 11%, and 5%, respectively. Millennials are constantly connected and brands that expand to mobile sites and apps will benefit the most.


Millennials Love Rewards
While industry analysts believe loyalty programs need a complete overhaul in order to be successful, millennials love loyalty programs. 22% of 18-24 year olds belong to a hotel loyalty program. When looking at the older millennials, that percentage jumps to 41%. Ironically, millennials will jump ship to another loyalty program in order to receive better rewards. Data from Bond Brand Loyalty stated that  Millennials were highlighted as a key segment for brand loyalty programs, with 68% of 20- to 34-year-olds saying they would change where they shopped if it meant getting more program rewards.


Millennials Are Using Travel Agents

While most people thought brick and motar travel agents went the way of the dinosaur, they are still alive and kicking and millennials have taken note. Clayton Reid, CEO of MMGY Global stated that “millennials are actually using traditional travel agents at a higher rate than a lot of age groups.” Millennials are flocking to travel agents because they want a unique travel experience but have less experience than their travel counterparts (Gen X & Baby Boomers). Travel agents gives millennials insight into a destination and the confidence of having an expert plan their unique accommodations.Millennials are the future of travel, they’re redefining how we look at travel, book travel and experience travel.  Millennials seek unique experiences and will use every resource available in order to achieve it, loyalty points, travel agents or special deals through an app. They are the generation of technology and will use it to their advantage.

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