Online travel agencies have made it remarkably convenient to plan and book your travel. The ease of scoping out multiple properties in one place, the deals offered and the latest technology to ensure a positive user experience have more and more travelers using this type of service. However, all of these different hotel options in one place make it less likely for any given hotel that the user will choose you once it comes down to booking the reservations. There are a few simple things you can do to differentiate your hotel and stand out from your competitors.

According to Google, 52% of travelers visit a hotel’s website after finding them through an OTA. This is an opportunity to provide them with a pleasant user experience and increase the likelihood of them booking a reservation. Large photos of rooms, grounds and attractions within the property and virtual tours can be used to generate or increase interest in booking

Additionally, reviews should be encouraged. More than one third of travelers will not book a hotel without first reading reviews (LateRooms). Reviews that are easily accessible on your site will help to inform first-time visitors of why they should be staying at your hotel rather than your competitors’.

A strong presence on social media is another way prospective guests can learn more about your property. Frequently posting informational and engaging content along with keeping up with the comments and concerns of page visitors can go a long way to reinforce your brand. This, in turn, can influence travelers to choose your establishment in their planning process.

With all that is being presented to travelers online, it is easy for hotels to get lost in the mix. With just 40% of travelers booking through hotel sites in 2014 (Think With Google), it is imperative to set yourself apart from other establishments that consumers encounter (through OTAs, search engines, etc.) Offering interesting and high quality visuals on your website, leveraging your testimonials and being active on social media can help you to gain new customers.

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