There are several points of attribution that influence consumers throughout the travel booking process. Ultimately, 51% of consumers book hotel rooms directly (Expedia: A Roadmap to Traveler Attribution,) however, this number is not quite as high concerning the inspiration and mid-funnel stages (40% and 36%, respectively.) This is evidence that third party channels (metasearch sites and OTAs) greatly impact travelers’ booking decisions regardless of whether or not they use these channels to book.

Expedia’s research tells us that 21% of travelers’ inspiration when trip-planning comes from metasearch, 40% comes from all OTAs and 40% comes from the actual hotel site. These numbers vary as consumers get to the mid-funnel phase – Metasearch: 14%, All OTAs: 49%, Hotels: 36% – and also when it comes to the point of actually booking – Metasearch: 10%, All OTAs: 40%, Hotels: 51%. While potential guests are browsing hotels during these various attribution points, it is paramount that your hotel is properly represented.

The best way to make a good impression on travel buyers while they are exploring different options is by having compelling, high quality visuals. Your hotel photos and rich media being widespread throughout the different travel sites will influence consumers at each phase of attribution. Expedia’s study outlined the top ten travel shopper journeys and found that 70% of them included OTAs at some point in the middle. Therefore, even though the hotelier’s goal is for travelers to book direct, it is still critical to represent your property in the best way possible across every channel.

Using IcePortal’s visual content management platform will ensure that your photos are optimized for each channel that they are delivered to and shown to relevant consumers. Your photos are put into the right specs and delivered to thousands of travel distributors and also back to your own site. This guarantees that those researching your hotel in each attribution phase are seeing accurate representations that will entice them to book.

IcePortal helps clients manage and distribute visual content to over 11 million unique visitors a month on 1,000s of travel and local websites around the globe in nine languages. To know more about us visit our social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+; visit ICEPortal, or give us a call at (+1)954-893-6778. We would love to hear from you!
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