direct hotel bookings

Hotels across the world are looking to reduce their dependence on OTAs and get coveted direct bookings from travelers. While it is beneficial for hotels to use OTAs and not cut them out entirely, there are a few things they can consider in order to boost direct bookings.

• Retain guests that booked your hotel through an OTA.
When checking in, be sure to get crucial contact information like phone number and email address from your guest if they booked through an OTA. This way you can communicate with the guest once they check out and send promotions and special offers which will entice them to book direct next time.

• Express the value of booking direct. Use your website to tell consumers what they will get by booking directly on your site.

• Offer exclusive deals. Although it may cost money to offer exclusive incentives, it probably does not cost as much as OTA commissions. Offering specific services that consumers cannot get through OTAs can help entice them to book direct.

• Be sure your rates are never lower on OTAs than on your hotel website.
This seems obvious, but if your site displays the same rooms for a higher price than on an OTA, travelers will book through the OTA.

• Publish consumer reviews on your website. Do not make consumers leave your site to read reviews of your property!

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