Nowadays the online world had made it easier for us to plan and book travel ourselves. We spend weeks researching, planning and arranging final details to have the vacation of our lifetime.

Sometimes things go as you planned them to if you actually had sufficient time to thoroughly plan every aspect of your trip before making any type of purchase. However, if you didn’t, things don’t go the way you expected them to. Specially when it comes to luxury, long or specialized trips, planning a travel all by yourself can become a drag.

Therefore, when you want to travel, which booking method do you think would be better for you to utilize – online travel sites, or travel agents?

Below are the main reason why you should pick one or the other depending of the following factors:

Online: Don’t have to pay a travel agent. Able to find great flight or hotel deals (through lots of patience).
Travel Agent: They can save you money on final prices of accommodations since they sometimes get special deals, or have knowledge on the best days to book travel for less.

Online: Can become time consuming to find a perfect accommodation.
Travel Agent: All you have to do is call/email them with your specifications! Ideal for those who don’t have time to plan a vacation.

Online: Requires lots of date planning, making sure the location is proper, reviews, etc.
Travel Agent: Don’t have to worry about any of the above…. unless it’s your first time with the travel agent.

Online: Complete freedom and control over where you are going to go, where you’re going to stay, what you’re going to do while there, etc.
Travel Agent: You have to trust that the agent will have the best judgment in selecting possible travel solutions.

Type of Traveler:
Online: Great for any type of traveler, but mostly used by leisure travelers. Typically used for ‘short’ travels
Travel Agent: better for corporate/business travelers, who travel a lot and their travel schedules are likely to fluctuate. Also popular by affluent travelers

What to do:
Online: Takes a little longer to read reviews of nearby amenities or fun things to do in the city you will be visiting.
Travel Agent: Provide you with best activities to do around that fit your budget and needs.

So… how will you book your next travel?

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