IcePortal & Shiji Group Technology for Hotel Channel Managers

IcePortal & Shiji Group Technology for Hotel Channel Managers

The availability of a hotel room is likely the first item people search for when starting the process of hotel bookings. Hotel channel managers are an important part of this process as these systems update both the rates and availability of hotel rooms directly to major online travel agencies (OTAs) as well as retrieve available room reservation info so the hotel can offer the correct amount of rooms online as well as avoiding overbooking the available rooms.

IcePortal, along with its parent company, Alibaba backed Shiji Group, provide advanced photo, video and image 360 management with direct content API feeds that compliment the rates & availability sent out by the Channel Managers. IcePortal now offers its service to Channel Managers for the first time while providing an SSO (single sign on) option built into the Channel Managers existing platform. The Channel Managers can now offer both rates & availability as well as advanced content curation and distribution, allowing them to offer a one-stop distribution solution. And now with the Shiji Group, IcePortal can offer greater accessibility to the massive China tourism market.

ICEPortal’s Travel & Hospitality Visuals Benefits

IcePortal offers multiple benefits for managing visuals for the travel and hospitality industry:

  • Hotel visuals can be uploaded to thousands of distribution channels via a centralized portal
  • The visuals are optimized and assigned meta-tags that correspond to tags on every major OTA and search engine for guests looking to make hotel bookings
  • Hospitality visuals are automatically distributed to all GDS, OTAs and search sites saving time and reducing operating expenses
  • Hotel channel managers allows hoteliers to control who has access to hotel visuals as well as how they can use or share the visuals with others

Control Your Hotel Visuals & Convert More Hotel Bookings

Having control over hotel visuals allows a hotel to enjoy better control over their online branding and also increase their hotel bookings (by way of an increased Quality or Content score). Hospitality visuals give guests a better idea of what they can expect when they book a hotel room. From visuals that spotlight the rooms and other areas of the property to images of activities and sights to enjoy near the building, hotel visuals are a graphic calling card that entices guests to choose a certain hotel over other options that are located in the same area. Hotel branding is easier to accomplish across multiple channels through the proper use of hotel channel manager systems.

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