Although a great deal of hotel brands are making a strong push for direct bookings, it is also important to convert OTA consumers. In order to be found/seen in OTA search results, your property will need to rank highly amongst other properties. This rank is determined by OTA content score, and there are numerous factors that effect it. Hotel marketers should make sure they have the following bases covered in order to increase their content score on OTAs and therefore increase conversion.

Most importantly, your hotel images tremendously affect your content score. More specifically, the quantity of images, their size and if they are tagged will make the difference. Consumers are more likely to engage with properties that have more photos, especially if they are large. Also, using meta tags will ensure that the appropriate photos are shown to appropriate consumers, increasing the likelihood of them booking.

Room Type Association

OTAs also rank your content based on Room Type associations. Filling out Room Types for the images representing your property will improve your ranking and attract relevant consumers who are most likely to book.

Rates also influence content score. Rates offered directly on the hotel’s website and also the rate comparison to competing hotels will affect OTA ranking.

A high OTA content score is essential to a high page rank on , but there are also other things hotel marketers can do to increase conversion. Offering packages with partner companies, effectively responding to guest reviews and offering value-add services can also entice travelers to book.

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